September 24th -  October 14th
Neuroscientists have found that it takes a minimum of 21 days to rewire our brains with a new habit, or new way of thinking.  Whether it’s being mindful, sticking with an exercise program, or looking for ways to express kindness every day, habits can be intentionally formed by 21+ consecutive days of intentional acts. 
In a world that is increasingly fragmented and polarized, kindness and compassion can help move us towards a sense of more connection and goodwill.  We are each a part of the whole and everything we do affects our community, and spreads out in ripples to circle the globe.
Studies show that the recipients of random kindness often go on to pay that kindness forward.  And not just that, but as you have probably experienced, our own happiness tends to increase as we spread goodwill, especially when directed to strangers or those outside of our inner circle.
Beginning on September 24th we will be sending an email every day for 21 days with a suggestion for a new way to show kindness, along with an inspirational message or story to help fuel your passion for kindness in its many forms - for each other, for our selves, for the earth.  There will also be a forum where you join in by sharing your experiences, stories and ideas.
This is a Seattle area based Kindness Project. 
Join us in creating a kinder community and a better world - with one kind act at a time!

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